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The benefits of installing a permeable driveway

At Gary Cooper Paving we undertake a vast number of driveways each and every year. A driveway at the front of a […]

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Here are a few pictures in our portfolio of the many drives, patios and landscaping projects we have completed for our customers. All the work shown is our own. We hope you find these helpful and inspirational. Every project we undertake is unique based on the landscape and the customers needs, and we will be delighted to create landscaping for you based on your individual tastes and requirements.

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In build – permeable driveway

A few in build pictures of this permeable driveway in Bawburgh.  Day one was spent digging out – day two and the permeable concrete is going down – day three and the recycled crushed glass will be added.  Brett Landscaping aura blocks will complete the driveway.   The permeable concrete is a mix of 10mm stone and cement.  With our unpredictable weather we all need to be disposing of our surface water responsibly as well as being a legal requirement.

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Brett Landscaping Alpha Flow

This permeable driveway adds great kerb appeal to this house in Mundesley. It is laid in Brett Landscaping alpha flow blocks in charcoal.  It comes with a recessed manhole.  Drainage channels aren’t necessary as the surface water filters through the blocks.

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Brett Landscaping Rustic Pearl Elite Sandstone

Paths and patio area, in Attleborough, in Brett Landscaping rustic pearl elite sandstone all edged with a charcoal beta sett.   The steps are created using charcoal bullnose high kerbs.   A fantastic entertaining area.

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Brickweave driveway and paths in autumn gold

Over to Attleborough now for this brickweave driveway and paths in autumn gold omega blocks with a charcoal border.  There’s an asphalt finish to the front and a new doorstep in olive slate. Check out the cast iron drainage channels which are connected into the existing drainage.

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Brett Landscaping Textured Sandstone in Moorland Gold

This lovely sandstone patio is in Brett Landscaping moorland gold.  It’s bordered with a charcoal sett and comes complete with disabled ramp to allow wheelchair access.

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Brett Landscaping Flamed Sandstone

Another job in build for you.   This flamed sandstone patio is taking shape in Poringland.  Perfect for all your summer entertaining.


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Brett Landscaping Olive Slate Courtyard

Brett Olive slate has been used in this lovely transformation in Bawburgh.  The doorstep is in olive slate with a charcoal kerb edging.  The area incorporates a secret drain and a couple of recess manholes.  The whole area is edged in a charcoal sett border. Here’s what our delighted customer has to say:

Just to say thank you and well done.

If you need a patio or brick weave renewed

Go to Gary Cooper he knows what to do

His team are so efficient

Their work is so proficient

Every slab laid to perfection Crafted with affection

The groundsmen are good workers

There are no shirkers

They work hard in their toil

Quickly shifting the soil

Before your very eyes a Patio is laid

So expertly done, I am amazed

Now it is finished and I can rest Gary Cooper is simply the best

So don’t delay Call Gary today.

Give us a call on 01953 607289 if you would like a quote to give your garden a similar makeover. We can’t promise you poetry but we can guarantee a honest quote and our workmanship.

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Driveway & front door step in Brett  Aura silver fleck with Olive sandstone step

Brett Landscaping Aura silver fleck has been laid as a permeable path and driveway. This allows your surface water to soak through to the ground underneath.   The olive slate doorstep with a charcoal grey high kerb sets the path and door off to perfection.  The driveway and paths are bordered by charcoal alpha setts.  Note also the recessed manhole in front of the doorstep.

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Door step and patio are in Brett Landscaping Elite Tumbled Rustic Pearl Sandstone

Elite tumbled sandstone is sawn to give perfect lines. The doorstep and patio area are edged with charcoal kerbs to set this off to perfection.

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Patio and parking area in flamed sandstone and permeable block paving

This project in Eye, Suffolk is nearing completion.   It comprises of a parking area in permeable brindle block paving with a charcoal border and a patio in flamed sandstone in sunrise with a border in charcoal beta setts.  We have also installed a step in sandstone with bullnose charcoal kerbs surround.

Brett Landscaping driveway and front garden

This complete driveway/front garden renovation at Upper Stoke is coming along nicely.   The Brett Landscaping alpha setts in silver haze will have a charcoal border.  The curved sleeper wall is in an so are the gate posts.  This will look amazing when finished.

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Brett beta Haze laid off a circle

Another inbuild job in Caister on Sea.  This one is built from Brett Landscaping silver haze blocks  laid off a circle for the front garden and then extended to the driveway.  It has a charcoal border and smart black drainage channels to dispose of the surface water.

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Permeable driveway in Brett Aura silver fleck

Another job in progress for you.   This time it’s a permeable driveway, laid in East Harling, in Brett Aura silver fleck.  The front of the house has been laid off a circle and then squared off and extended down the driveway.  With the increasing amount of rain we are having, it is so important that we all abide by the regulations and ensure our surface rain water is disposed of correctly.   For more information on this, and more examples of our work, please look at our section on Permeable driveways.  Gary Cooper Paving |  Permeable driveways

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Sandstone Patio

This stunning sandstone patio laid in Norwich is edged with charcoal sett borders  and is surrounded by raised railway sleeper beds. Note the cracking steps and the curved edges to the patio .  Customers’ pots and tables sets this off a treat.

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Driveway and patio in Brett silver haze beta setts with a charcoal border

We laid this driveway/patio earlier this year.  It is laid in Brett Landscaping silver fleck beta setts, in three sizes, with a charcoal sett border  We also built this shaped wall as the levels differ sharply causing some challenges. but every job is different.  The driveway is joined to the public highway with an asphalt fillet.   A black drainage channel at the front of the driveway takes away the surface water.  Shingle is laid around the edges to finish the job.

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Permeable driveway laid in silver fleck aura

We have replaced the existing asphalt driveway, in Brundall, in Brett Landscaping silver fleck aura with a charcoal set border. It has been laid on a permeable base which eliminates the need for drainage channels as the rainwater drains through the base.   There is also an asphalt fillet to make a seamless transition to the public footpath.  Not only is this a sustainable option but perfectly compliments the customers’ own new brick walls.

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Rustic Pearl Textured Sandstone

Paths and patios in rustic pearl textured sandstone laid in Finningham.  Edged with decorative stone and slab for this lovely water butt.   Areas have been left for flowerbeds.

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Black Olive Slate

Popped back to Hepworth to see this beautiful wraparound patio in Brett Landscaping black Olive slate which we laid recently. A truly stunning living space.  This is a really popular choice nowadays and you can see why.

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Brett Landscaping Forest Glen Flamed Sandstone

We thought we would share some photos of this project in build so you can get an idea of the work and craftmanship that goes into your dream garden. This project in Beccles is being laid in Brett Forest Glen Flame sandstone.   The project includes recessed manhole covers and steps for the door and patio doors.   It is finished off with a charcoal sett border and matching high charcoal kerbs around the steps.  You don’t need a big project, this flamed sandstone looks great in smaller settings too.

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Permeable brickweave driveway in Brindle

Permeable brickweave driveway laid in Frettenham, Norfolk together with closeboard fence along side. This has been laid in brindle colour with a charcoal border. Rainwater drains through the paving so no need for drainage channels.

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Brett Landscaping Moorland Gold Textured Sandstone

This stunning patio is almost complete in Poringland. It is laid in Brett Landscaping Moorland Gold textured sandstone with a charcoal sett border. The patio provides great access to the raised flower beds.

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Brett Landscaping Forest Glen Flamed Sandstone

We have recently revisited this beautiful garden in Wymondham.  It has paths and patio areas laid in forest glen flamed sandstone with a small charcoal sett border.   Surrounded by grass and shingle.  A big thankyou to our customer for letting us take this pictures.

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Brett Landscaping Olive Black Riven Slate

Stunning Olive black riven slate wrap around patio laid in Barford near Norwich.    Features include brick wall topped with riven slate, concealed drainage and steps in riven slate edged with charcoal setts.  Slate is weather pointed in white cement.

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Permeable driveway laid in Little Melton, near Norwich


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Permeable front garden and driveway with disabled access to front door laid a few years ago in Barford, near Norwich.  This gives a good idea of how good your driveway looks after a few years.

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Aura setts in silver fleck laid off a circle to create a permeable driveway

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Forest glen sandstone area leading to permeable alpha sett driveway.

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Brett Riven Slate Olive Black – Bradwell, Great Yarmouth

We are know that patios are the go-to solution for turning your garden, or part of it, into an outdoor living space. A well considered patio will integrate your home seamlessly into your garden, providing a solid surface for garden furniture and potted plants.

From our initial meeting with our client in Bradwell it was clear to see they had a real vision for what they wanted to achieve. The garden needed to be split across two levels with space for flower borders, raised beds, a formal lawn area and plenty of seating. To compliment the surroundings we used Brett Raven Slate Olive Black with a white cement in-fill. A key feature of the garden and patio is the circular flow of the joining components. Everything from the seating backdrop in the corner of the garden to the step leading to the patio follows a constant flow, drawing your eye around the garden as it takes you on a journey of discovery.

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Blockley brindle chamfered clay paviours

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Permeable driveways available in a range of colours and blocks.

Beta silver haze

Picket fence

Brindle alpha flow

Charcoal and silverhaze beta setts

Sunrise sandstone circle