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Are you worried about flooding?

Did you know that having a permeable driveway installed could actually help the water table.  The rainwater from your driveway or patio […]

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Permeable driveways

There is a growing demand for permeable paving, where excess water drains away naturally rather than overloading drainage systems. Over the past few years this has certainly been the product of choice for those looking for longevity and sustainability in our changing climate.
By allowing excess water to make its way into the natural soil or ground, permeable paving is a sustainable choice for modern homes whilst giving you all the aesthetic options you need to create a beautiful driveway.
Key benefits
During the laying process, tiny voids are created to allow water to pass through. Therefore with permeable paving you will see a noticeable reduction in standing water on your driveway.
By allowing rainwater to filter through the paving and into the ground a natural filtration takes place as it passes through the sub-base of the paving. This removes pollutants and impurities from the water, which can help prevent water pollution.
Preventing floods
Surface water run-off and the capacity of old drainage is a contributing factor to flooding. Permeable paving can be a prevention measure for flash flooding by absorbing water rather than directing it to drainage, or allowing it to build up on top of the surface.
As with any driveway you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to style and colour. Most recently we find a driveway built around a circle has become increasingly popular.
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