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Are you worried about flooding?

Did you know that having a permeable driveway installed could actually help the water table.  The rainwater from your driveway or patio […]

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We pride ourselves on building all customer’s beautiful quality driveways.

Gary Cooper driveways are built to last. We use our expert knowledge of soil and landscape conditions to thoroughly prepare your site, ensuring a solid, robust ,practical and aesthetically pleasing result.

We can build your dream driveway in a variety of styles and materials. It will add value to your home, be easy to keep clean, and provide safe access and easy parking. Your new driveway will be able to take a weight of up to 18 ton.

Since October 2008, it has been a legal requirement to incorporate Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) into any front garden or driveway over 5 m2 that is being paved over – even if you are only replacing an existing driveway.  This is designed to prevent any surface water run-off to the to the highway.  This requirement was introduced to help reduce the risk of future flooding and build up a more sustainable infrastructure.

If it is not possible to incorporate a SuDS solution you will need to seek Planning Permission from your Local Authority.  Failure to do so could be costly as your driveway may subsequently need to be replaced should it come to the notice of your Local Authority or you need to sell your property in the future.

We are able to provide you with detailed information and support to ensure that you are fully aware of what is involved to comply with the legislation.


One of our most popular lines, Brett Aura comes in silver fleck or bronze fleck.  We like to build them as a […]

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Permeable driveways

There is a growing demand for permeable paving, where excess water drains away naturally rather than overloading drainage systems. Over the past […]

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The popular brickweave omega block suits any taste or requirement in a range of colours.  The classic block that gives a contemporary, […]

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Alpha Setts

Brett Alpha setts are a rustic, cobble style paving with a weathered finish that gives a timeless look and blends sympathetically with […]

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Beta’s smooth surfaces give an ideal comtemporary design to any driveway.  Available in four sizes to give a choice of laying patterns.  […]

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Front Gardens

Paving over your front garden can create that much needed extra parking space.  Alternatively use the blocks to create flowerbeds or landscaped […]

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Brett Regatta riven blocks give a cobbled look. Regatta are available in packs of either two sizes or three sizes to give […]

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One of the most important components of your paving is the drainage.  In times of heavy rainfall this system can be overloaded […]

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Delta paving is designed around the same ratio as Brett omega but offers a 30% greater surface area, giving it a fresh […]

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Kerbs & Edgings

Kerbs and edgings to suit your paving.  Kerbs play an essential part in your driveway’s design as well as adding the finishing […]

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Bollards and gates to compliment your property.  We are also able to install bollards and security fences/gates. Please call us for further […]

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Patio/Driveway wash

We offer a patio/driveway cleaning service. We will wash your paving with a high powered pressure washer and return when it is […]

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