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  1. Are you worried about flooding?

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    Did you know that having a permeable driveway installed could actually help the water table.  The rainwater from your driveway or patio will be absorbed back into the ground making it’s way down to the water table.  It doesn’t always cost more than traditional paving with drainage channels.   Ask us about sustainable solutions for your property.

  2. Built to last

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    We were really pleased to re-visit this driveway we laid over 20 years ago.  A clean in the spring and it will look as good as new.  This shows the importance of a good base there’s not a single dip in it.

  3. We work all year round

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    It’s never too late to book in to get your new driveway or patio laid. We build walls and fences too.  Give us a call or drop us an email to get your free, no obligation quote.   01953 607289.

  4. Another great driveway completed.

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    Our customers were delighted with their new block paved driveway. It’s laid in Brett Landscaping silver haze charcoal border.  The doorsteps are laid in the same block with a charcoal kerb.

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  5. Brett Approved Installer Scheme

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    We are pleased to announce that we have joined Brett Approved Installer Scheme.   This will give our customers a Brett Landscaping 10 year Product Guarantee in addition to our own 10 year guarantee.

  6. Anglian Water are campaigning for sustainable urban drainage

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    Anglian Water are  campaigning for building developers and commercial businesses to focus on sustainable urban drainage. They want them to include features like permeable pavements in their projects. These help to reduce surface water getting into the sewers.

    More traditional gardens are changing with more paved and decked areas being installed/built. Back gardens are also reducing in size with new extensions and conservatories which may then be connected into surface water drains.

    With a reduction in grassed areas, rainwater has nowhere to go which increases the amount of surface run-off and the speed at which it goes into to the sewer which can then cause flooding. We all like to make a difference, and one of the easiest ways is to think about how you manage your surface water.

    By using sustainable drainage methods at home, you can reduce the risk of surface water flooding.   You can do this by having a rain garden.

    A rain garden can be a natural or artificial dip in the garden that is filled with soil and plants. This helps when surface water is channelled to the rain garden where it can be absorbed by the plants and drains in the ground.

    Using permeable paving in your patio and driveway projects.

    Please ask us about permeable paving and rain gardens for your next project.

  7. The benefits of installing a permeable driveway

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    At Gary Cooper Paving we undertake a vast number of driveways each and every year. A driveway at the front of a home can be a real feature piece, as well as a practical space for parking vehicles. Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of the products available and over the past few years Gary Cooper Paving are regularly asked for permeable paving.
    There are a number of benefits to permeable paving and  we thought we’d share a few of these with you.
    Permeable paving is proven to be a highly effective way of minimizing surface water run-off by allowing water to seep through, using natural filtration to take excess water away.
    By allowing excess water to make its way into the natural soil or ground, permeable paving is a sustainable choice for modern homes whilst giving you all the aesthetic options you need to create a beautiful driveway.
    Key benefits
    During the laying process, tiny voids are created to allow water to pass through. This reduces the need for drainage channels.
    By allowing rainwater to filter through the paving and into the ground a natural filtration takes place as it passes through the sub-base of the paving. This removes pollutants and impurities from the water, which can help prevent water pollution.
    Preventing floods
    Surface water run-off and the capacity of old drainage is a contributing factor to flooding. Permeable paving can be a preventative measure for flash flooding by absorbing water rather than directing it to drainage, or allowing it to build up on top of the surface.
    These are just a handful of benefits to installing permeable paving. There are many more environmental and aesthetic advantages so please get in touch on 01953 607289 if you have any questions about the materials or installation process.

  8. As restrictions start to lift its a good time to give your garden a facelift

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    As we look forward to the lifting of some restrictions it is the perfect time to think about giving your garden a makeover in time for all the entertaining you will be doing in it this summer.  Have a look at our patios page for some great ideas of how your garden could look:


    All the photos are of work we have carried out ourselves.

    We are also here for your new driveway, fence or wall.

    We will, of course, continue to offer contactless quotes and maintain social distancing whilst carrying out the work.

    Please call for your free, no obligation quotation on 01953 607289 or use our contact form.   We look forward to hearing from you.